Photo story: Magical Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls – or Iguassu Falls, depending on where you’re from – sits on the Brazilian-Argentine border

iguazu falls, brazil, argentina


By crossing the border, visitors can view the falls from both countries – and it’s worth doing!


From the Brazilian side of the falls, you are treated to spectacular panoramas


Whereas from Argentina, you can get a lot closer to the cascading water…


…and even take thrilling boat trips UNDER the falls


The sunshine and the spray from the falls means that you’re never far from a rainbow…


…and this phenomenon adds even more magic to the scenery


With views like this, it will be no surprise to anyone that Iguazu Falls has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status


Legend has it that the falls were created by a deity in a jealous rage


The mortal he wanted to marry fled in a canoe with her mortal lover, so the deity sliced the river


This created the waterfalls, and condemned both the mortal and her lover to an eternal fall


Wandering around the breathtaking site, it’s easy to see why people would assume a God must have been involved in its creation


We spent around one day on each side of the falls: Iguazu is not a place you want to rush seeing


Upon laying eyes on Iguazu, former US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “poor Niagara!” 


Indeed, Niagara Falls are approximately one-third shorter than Iguazu Falls


The Brazilian side of Iguazu contains just over 20 per cent of the jumps of the falls, and the Argentinian side takes the rest


The wooden walkways and boat tours allow you to get numerous different perspectives on Iguazu…


…From the sheer adrenaline rush of hanging over the edge of a towering fall like this…


…and this….Iguazu falls, Brazil, Argentina


…to stunning panoramas…


…or even stripping down to your swimwear for a boat trip under the falls for the best shower of your life


Iguazu was genuinely one of the most stunning places I’ve ever visited. If you fancy seeing this for yourself, find out more here.



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