Everyone should try Lithuania’s ‘Snacks to Beer’

Here in the UK we have a tendency to think about what drink would best accompany the food we’re eating. In Lithuania – the land of ‘Snacks to Beer’, things are a little different.

I discovered the delights of snacks to beer – or “užkandžiai prie alas” – during a winter trip to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

You can’t walk down a street in Vilnius without passing a number of hip-yet-cosy craft ale joints just begging you to pop in for a hearty pint of locally-brewed ale. And while you’re at it, you’ll need some sustenance – preferably of the fried variety.

Kepta duono: Fried bread with garlic dip

The original snack to beer just happened to be my favourite one: kepta duona. This is essentially fried bread with a garlic dip, and goes down an absolute treat when complemented with a warming beer on a chilly day in Lithuania. So dig in with your fingers and enjoy!

There’s also the hearty potato pancakes – or blyani – which are served warm with a healthy dollop of sour cream. They may not look intimidating, but these delicious snacks will fill you up.

kepta duono

Blyani: Potato pancakes

There are many reasons to visit Vilnius – from the amazing bar and restaurant scene to the quirky Republic of Uzupis and its fascinating history – but these beautifully unhealthy snacks should be on every indulgent traveller’s bucket list.


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